Safety at your fingertips! Yes, you read it right. ‘Safety and Stories’ (SAS) is a free mobile application that can enhance individual safety and allow people to use mobile phone as a safety device. In other words SAS puts safety in user’s hand, pocket and bags.
Thailand, often known as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Everybody loves to come here. But due to unfortunate incidents in the recent times, locals and tourists alike are feeling insecure. SAS mobile app, however, has come to the rescue.
People involved in making of this app are students and alumni from Assumption University of Thailand and all are cousins. We talked about the idea of SAS back in January 2014. From then till now, there is no stopping. Yes, it’s taking time but we believe it’s worth our patience.
In the summer of 2014 we talked to our friend, who is local and a programmer. At the same time we outsourced the designing department from India. Things didn’t work out well. And then all of a sudden the dreams shattered. We had to begin again from the scratch. We never felt like giving up, rather we’ve always tried a little harder to be a little better. We preferred to try again, fail again and fail better.
And we failed again. This time we hired a student from our own university. We saw something on the up. The app was ready in android version after lots of work and testing. SAS was launched without any advertisement except on our facebook wall. Budget was limited then and now. There were a few downloads and positive feedback from friends and family. Of course loads of complaints and negative comments were there too. But those little positive feedbacks kicked us to march forward and make it happen. Since then we decided we gotta make it proper. Business plan, presentations, research, special features, etc. all were on the carts. We knew that we were capable of something bigger and better.
Start again, from the scratch. No programmers would want to continue what the other programmer coded. So it was a new year, new day and new beginning. This time we thought of going a mile further. And we got connected with a freelance video advertising team. They were kind people who loved our idea and wanted to collaborate. The programming and designing both departments were now outsourced from India. And we started preparing the video section here in Bangkok. We totally relied on the Indian company to make our product ready to use. But in business you can’t totally rely on someone…. can you? The video commercial was shot in the form of short film. As we were expecting the app to be ready soon, we decided to release the video. And it turned out to be too lengthy and the app wasn’t ready to come out to the world. Oh boy! It was a terrible, terrible feeling. Video is out, but the app isn’t. Consequence: we failed again, and failed better.
In April 2015, an angel investor stepped in. What a boost. We’ve got the money, now things should be easy right. Well it isn’t. But we hired country’s well known programming company to make our dream come true. Of course it took time. It’s still on the way to finish line. A new video advert is made. Posters and brochures are designed. Presentations are done. Now we can afford different online marketing techniques. An office is established. ABLE-UBI is the incubator for fresh startups in our university. We got in touch with them, and then things escalated pretty well. With the help and advising of professors in the incubator, we could dream even bigger and make our app famous in university. And currently we are working on that. ‘SAS – Safety And Stories’ app is ready to come out to the world. Now we can give birth to our baby.
There was a soft launch of SAS was on 16th Feb, 2016 at Assumption University of Thailand, Bangna campus. It’s good to feel part of something that’s actually looking out for the well-being of humanity. We plan to organize a proper launch in the end of April this year, with media coverage possibilities. We’re also committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and plan to use some of our profits to help people in need in Thailand. This is not just an app but a handy tool to every local, and also tourists coming to Thailand.
SAS – creating a safer community. The idea is to share your location to guardians, when in danger. It’s about giving your loved ones a peace of mind about your safety.
Stop guessing. If you often find yourself texting “You reached home safe?” or “When you will reach?”, SAS is the app for you.
For more information visit the website: http://sasapp.net/
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