Safety at your fingertips! Yes, you read it right. ‘Safety and Stories’ (SAS) is a free mobile application that can enhance individual safety and allow people to use mobile phone as a safety device. In other words SAS puts safety in user’s hand, pocket and bags.
Thailand, often known as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Everybody loves to come here. But due to unfortunate incidents in the recent times, locals and tourists alike are feeling insecure. SAS mobile app, however, has come to the rescue. Now Let me tell you how it will keep you safe and at the same time informed.
SAS – Safety and Stories is an app available in both iOS and android platform for smartphones. It can be used in various circumstances. The idea is to share your current location with who you want, and when you want. They can follow up with you then. SAS has four core features i.e ‘Notify’, ‘Checkin’, ‘Timer’, and ‘Milestone’.
SAS users will create a contact list as ‘Guardian’ for the important people in their lives and from whom they can seek help and share location. ‘Notify’ allows user to share location (when in trouble, danger or so) with who they want, when they want. Not only ‘Guardians’ but also any SAS user within 1 KM range will receive automatic notification when you need help or rescue. (Users can switch this function off if they want). ‘Checkin’ feature enables you to claim your safety status if any incident occurred nearby you. It will just send the location to your ‘Guardians’. ‘Timer’ is used as an in-app stop watch. Get tracked and watch over by your ‘Guardians’ for the time you set. And ‘Milestone’ is especially for anyone who travels or commutes long distances. You can set and save your destination, as the distance will be averaged-out into 5 milestone points so your ‘Guardians’ will receive notification on each milestone points.
Great, isn’t it? Well that’s not all. To increase social engagement amongst locals and users, the app features ‘Stories’ section. Our homepage is ‘Newsfeed’, it’s a safety feed full of contents. You can read about recent happenings in Thailand. Users are encouraged to post safety related news and get involved in discussions. So you can think of SAS like protection and precautions.
You can add/delete ‘Guardian’ at any time, and also can choose to which guardian you want to share your location, which is perfect for anyone who just needs a little “me” time.
There is a soft launch of SAS on 16th Feb, 2016 at ABAC, Bangna campus. It’s good to feel part of something that’s actually looking out for the well-being of humanity. We’re also committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and plan to use some of our profits to help people in need in Thailand. This is not just an app but a handy tool to every local, and also tourists coming to Thailand.
Stop guessing. If you often find yourself texting “You reached home safe?” or “When you will reach?”, SAS is the app for you.

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