I am quite curious to know about the job market in IT for Thai people.

We are a struggling start up and wont be hiring any IT staff in the near future, but am keen to know whats going on, be prepared with the reality when we actually decide to hire.

Could anyone enlighten me on the salaries expected by Thai people for the following skills(speak English - moderately)?

  1. PHP/mysql - skill intermediate
  2. Drupal developer - Making sites, moderate module hacking
  3. Graphics Designer - photoshop... illustrator... - making artwork for web and print
  4. Flash animater - Simple stuff... maybe clubbed with 3.

For an experienced Thai designer/programmer, does it pay well to work as a freelancer? or they would rather work for a company to ensure a stable income?

Are there university students interested to work as interns(นักศึกษาฝึกงาน) also? learning tricks of the trade on the job?

Normally are staff/interns for web development comfortable to work at small companies or they look for huge big name companies? Personally I feel there is much more self development at smaller companies where the employee does a variety of jobs as compared to the same job again and again in the bigger companies.

Sajal Kayan

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By: panuta
on 21 April 2008 - 11:21 #49104

Talking about internship, you may contact to a university's staff directly. Some will compile a list for a student to choose from. Each university has its own systems, though. You should ask them specifically.

Normally, if someone want to work in a small company, they expect a trade off like 'side experience' as you may already know. However, IMO, they count programming in project A and programming in project B as the same experience even if it's a different system. Many expect to gain a 'business' experience (whatever that mean). If you can sell this point well, I think many people will join it.

I rarely found my friends work as a freelance for a long duration, though. But I think it's not uncommon in Thailand especially for a web developer a.k.a. PHP web developer :D

You will easily find a php developer, flash, and graphic designer. But I wonder how many Drupal developer out there...


By: sajalkayan on 21 April 2008 - 17:14 #49126 Reply to:49104

Thanks a lot for your tip... Ill try with some universities. At the moment we are not sure if we really need in house IT staff and how effective can it be. maybe we can use/train a couple of interns and in the future hire them for full time... Making a letter based on your recommendations.

Drupal is not too hard. I too with no background in php can do things with drupal.. It must be much easier for a php programmer to get a hang of Drupal.

Sajal Kayan

By: panuta
on 22 April 2008 - 02:29 #49147 Reply to:49126

I thought from your list that you meant 4 people for each skills. It seems like you meant only 1 :D

So from what I thought, it's a person who claimed to be a Drupal developer, which I think it's rarely to find in Thailand.

Anyway, I think this is a great skill to have. I mean people who can use module like cck, views, actions, ecommerce to develop an entirely new website based on Drupal. They might be able to hack many part of Drupal and develop their own module too. The Drupal itself is so powerful that can leverage many kind of website. Not only it will be faster to develop, but it will be easier to maintain too. I think you will agree ;)

Should be a hot position in the future, I guess.


By: sajalkayan on 22 April 2008 - 12:33 #49180 Reply to:49147

i did mean 4 people. 1 & 2 can be clubbed . If the person is willing to learn... probably 1 can become into 2 by practice...
3 and 4 r optional...

i think using the term "drupal developer" is misleading... i should have said "drupal user" :)

I am looking for an intern who can make websites based on my guidelines...sitting next to me... what the intern would get is an insight into SEO... I see a lot of companies currently look for web developers who are experienced in Drupal

Sajal Kayan

By: smilelovehappiness on 21 April 2008 - 10:57 #49110

You can check the salary guide from here: http://ctc.kbu.ac.th/drupal/files/kellysalarythailand.pdf

For a general "programmer" job type for a fresh grad, as far as I know, the avg. salary is around 18K. Minimum is about 15K Bath and maximum goes over 20K Bath.

Most universities force their students to do intern in order to graduate. And I think they work for all kind of company because, unfortunately, not all company accept intern. Actually, it's pretty hard to find a good place to do an internship with. Many companies only let their trainee install programs or just let them sit blank all day.

By: sajalkayan on 22 April 2008 - 12:35 #49181 Reply to:49110

Thanks a lot for the link to the salary guide.
It was very very insigthful. Ive sent it accross to few of my friends who are looking for more employees.
What is the best time to look for interns? as in which month they start their internship.

If I get an enthusiastic intern, ill make them work

Sajal Kayan