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About Command Media

We're an international team of developers who build WordPress websites for businesses around the world. Our company is engineering-driven and our clients serve millions of users every month, so it's our job to support them at the highest level of quality with the best coding practices. Best of all, our team is all over the world and no one is stuck in an office: you can work from ANYWHERE. Sound fun? Let's talk!

PHP/Javascript/WordPress Developer

- Good English skills (reading/writing is most important)
- 2+ years coding PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
- Experience with WordPress themes/plugins is a big bonus!
- Experience with Linux and the command line is a bonus too
- Ability to work with an international team
- Dedication to improve your skills and knowledge


  • The big one: you can work from ANYWHERE in Thailand. We have a lovely office near BTS Nana in Bangkok but it's up to you whether to use it. If you want to work from home and spend more time with your family instead of commuting, you can. If you want to work from a coffee shop or the beach you can, it's normal for us!
  • 13 days paid holiday and 10 days paid vacation every year
  • Private health insurance
  • Telecom reimbursement (we will pay for your mobile data)
  • Learn and grow your skills working with expert devs around the world
  • Be part of a company which supports open source software

How to Apply

We believe that developers should be judged by the quality of their CODE above everything else. If you can show us that you write good code we don't care where you live, how old you are, where you went to university, or even if you have a degree.
Send your CV to admin@commandmedia.net along with any examples you can share of your coding style. If you've contributed to an open source project or you have a Github profile make sure to send us a link. Any other examples can be emailed as a zip file attachment.
Interviews will take place in person if you're located in Bangkok, or over Google Hangouts if you're not

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