Consultant Terms of Reference: Management Information System Development

Right To Play Thailand Foundation

Right To Play International:
Right To Play is a global organization committed to improving the lives of children and youth affected by conflict, disease and poverty. Established in 2000, Right To Play has pioneered a unique play-based approach to learning and development which focuses on quality education, life skills, health, gender equality, child protection and building peaceful communities. With programming in over 20 countries, Right To Play transforms the lives of more than one million children each week using play and sports, both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to our work with children, Right To Play advocates with parents, local communities, and governments to advance the fundamental rights of all children.

Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has been operational in Thailand since 2002. To learn more, visit us at: Right To Play Thailand Foundation

The objective of this consultancy is to develop a management information system (MIS) for the Right To Play Thailand Country Office (TCO). This MIS will play a critical role in RTP’s data management and information flow within Thailand, with the possibility of expanding this technology to other RTP countries globally (in term of either utilization as an additional integrate-able module for existing system or as a standalone system). The MIS is currently in version 1.0 (prototype) after being built initially by another software development company. The purpose of this consultancy is to further develop the MIS to version 2.0.

Specifically, the consultant/firm will:
• Orient to the current MIS version 1.0 (prototype) after receiving a handover from the previous software development company
• Orient to the work of RTP in Thailand, including overviews of data information flows and the critical role the MIS will play in supporting RTP
• Orient to combine data system development with related business processes for strengthening RTP Thailand project management
• Work collaboratively with the TCO to explore possibilities for functionality of version 2.0
• Develop an agreed upon work plan (inclusive of timelines) for the MIS development
• Complete the MIS development
• Conduct alpha and beta testing of MIS with RTP field staff
• Incorporate final changes to MIS before launching
• Handover system by conducting staff training on effective use of the MIS version 2.0

1. Receive handover and system orientation from previous software development company
2. Review through the existing program source codes, database, and its correlation to prepare for critical coherent points of further development works
3. Develop change management plan to be implemented for both technical and people schemes
4. MIS design and brainstorming with RTP staff
5. MIS development
6. MIS testing
7. Implement change management activities together with internal communication as for preparing for system launching and go live
8. MIS finalization (including minor system fine tuning, if needed) and handover (inclusive of staff training)

The development of the MIS is planned to take place between December 2017 – February 2018. Specific level of effort during this period for the consultant/firm will be based on the agreed workplan that will be finalized with the contract.

Task/Output --> Timeframe
• Bid deadline --> Wednesday, November 15, 2017
• Inception meeting with RTP --> November 2017
• MIS orientation --> November 2017
• MIS development --> December 2017 – February 2018
• Alpha and beta testing (with RTP field staff) --> March 2018
• Finalized software handover (inclusive of staff training) --> April 2018

The consultant will report directly to the Country Director.

Project Budget
An amount of budget has been set aside for the development of the MIS.

• Demonstrated experience in developing cloud-based and web application software
• Consultants should have experiences on information technology governance model design
• Consultants should have experiences on IT applications architecture design
• Consultants should have experiences on program/project management databases and business intelligence dashboards
• Consultants should have experiences on Change Management
• Consultants should have experiences on Project Management
• Understanding of international development and humanitarian contexts (desired)

Consultants/firms that meet the requirements should submit a contract bid, which should include the following:
• Cover letter including the consultant’s/firm’s suitability for the assignment and current contact information
• CV including contact details of 2 referees
• 1-2 samples of previous software development work
• Proposed and phased Approach (e.g. Discovery and Current State Analysis, Documentation and Validation, etc.)
• Project Timeline & Deliverables
• Detailed budget associated with software development (reflect according to the proposed Phased Approach including with the following (if any): License costs, Maintenance costs, Customization costs, Hosting costs, Integration costs, Support costs, Upgrade costs, and etc.)

Deadline to submit the bid is until getting the qualified supplier/developer for this project. Bids will be sent to thailandhr@righttoplay.com titled “MIS Development – Consultant/Firm Name.

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