หา part-time full stack developer ครับ สำหรับ น้องๆที่เรียนปริญญาตรี โท หรือเอก ทางด้าน computer science, computer engineering, หรือ electrical/electronics/communication engineering.

if you are undergrad or graduate students (both MS or PhD) with dev background (CS, ECE etc.), we are looking for part-time full-stack developer to join us working on my current projects related to IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to send us a personal message. Please see below for your responsibilities and qualifications.

**What will you do?
- Code and develop web/mobile app and smart solutions for IoT using ML and AI techniques
- Bridge gaps between web design and technology paring with visual design, information/database architecture, and algorithm development

Minimum Qualifications:
- Experience with HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript **
- Experience in Python 2.x, 3.x and Django web framework

- Experience with RESTFUL API, XML, JSON**
- Experience with web hosting services, cloud computing, cloud services, e.g., Heroku, Amazon Web Service, Go-Daddy etc.**
- Experience with Git or Mercurial DVCSs, GitHub/Bitbucket or others**
- Experience with RDBMS e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite**
- Familiar with agile development methodologies**

**Preferred Qualifications:
- Strong willingness to learn new technologies especially in the area of IoT, data analytics, machine learning, and AI
- Quick decisions and lots of autonomy
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
- Self starter, desire to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment
- Experience with developing web/mobile app
- Experience with time-series database e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB*
- Responsibility

Please send an example that shows your web development skills, e.g., your website, GitHub, Blog, or whatever

น้องๆที่สนใจส่ง inbox message มาได้เลยครับ หรือส่ง email มาที่ altotech.ai@gmail.com โทร 061-545-9093 แบงค์, 095-161-5011 ดร.อาร์ม

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