We’re a SaaS provider offering an Email Intelligence Platform that helps digital marketers nimbly build and deploy sophisticated and high-ROI email marketing programs. Our Email Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates with a company’s Email Service Provider (ESP) and leverages a powerful suite of plug-and-play apps. Our apps have been proven to massively increase conversions by driving database growth and improving customer engagement. Our goal is to make the digital marketer smarter, and you’ll play a role in that relationship.

We’re seeking a Full Stack developer capable of architecting and developing stable and scalable RESTful services that may depend on external resources with minimal supervision and guidance. You must be capable of creative and critical thinking to come up with solutions based on a moving target as the business needs change over time. You’re a team player who can work in a global team, and understand that your responsibilities affect the business as a whole. In addition, you must possess the following skills:

  • Experience in PHP and Node
  • Storage (NoSQL/SQL) optimization
  • Practical knowledge and experience with Docker and Git
  • Hands on experience with deploying services to hosting service providers such as AWS and Linode
  • Basic linux sysadmin
  • Bash scripting for automation
  • Familiar with Scrum concepts
  • Prior experience working in a crossfunctional team that worked with MEAN and LEMP stack is beneficial
  • Knowledge of Docker
  • Worked with prioritisation tools (e.g. JIRA) and collaboration tools (e.g. Slack/Trello)

For more future information please contact 02-207-2549

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