Data Wow Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-Thai tech-startup company specialized in content and media moderation technologies. Our teams are young and energetic loaded with visions and dreams to become the next big thing. We sure don't work normal and move fast. Our parent company is based in Tokyo, Japan producing mobile and web applications with millions of downloads so you will also be work closely with young minds from another country as well.

Currently, we are looking for experienced ML developers, web developers, and digital marketer to help us push the boundary and create better online world!

Machine Learning Engineer (up to 140k)

  • At least 1 year in TensorFlow or related project
  • 3+ years in Python or C/C++
  • Very good at math and statistic (Probably, that's A in Stats II would benefit you here)
  • Very good with image processing and machine learning
  • Love GPU card and know how to use it for fun stuffs
  • Know what is kNN, Caffe, and false positive in statistic mean
  • Experience with Clustering or Cloud environment for images processing
  • Master Degree/PhD in Computer Engineering/Computer Science or related is preferred
  • Very good English both oral and written

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Data Scientist (up to 100k)

  • 1.5+ years in statistical analysis
  • 5+ years in statistical analysis (for senior position)
  • You can create prediction model and spot trends
  • You are very good at complex math especially calculus
  • You can see numb3rs in everything
  • You can smell bad data
  • You can write R language in a way that we cannot
  • You can draw a beautiful graph (with good sense of color in the charts)
  • You know how to write report in English
  • You still have a same calculator when you use to finish your Bachelor degree will be advantage
  • Knowledge in SPSS and Minitab will not be any advantage for you
  • Good command in English

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Rails Developer (50k - 100k)

  • 2+ years in Ruby on Rails development
  • 4+ years in Ruby on Rails development for senior position
  • Experienced/Specialized in backend development with high load environment
  • Experienced in Docker, Kubernates, and Cloud platform (AWS/GCP)
  • Knowledge in NoSQL (MongoDB) and PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge in SQL Proxy or MySQL cluster will be advantage
  • Love writing test specs (even it randomly failed from time to time)
  • Know how to make gem (or gold)
  • Very good English both oral and written
  • DevOps (CentOS/Ubuntu/CoreOS) experience is a plus
  • Experienced in image processing and machine learning will be advantage

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Digital Graphic Designer (45k - 95k)

  • 3+ years in web/mobile application design
  • Sketch expert but also know how to use Photoshop or Illustration
  • Know what to do with font weight
  • Have a very nice portfolio we can see especially on Dribble or Behance would be fine
  • Colors expert
  • If you know HTML and CSS, we will love you more
  • Know latest design trends and tools
  • Very good English both oral and written

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Digital Marketer (up to 80k)

  • 3+ years experience in digital advertisement industry
  • Mastery skills in Google/Facebook/Twitter ads
  • Able to do use all of the ads campaigns to help us achieve goals with one eye closes
  • Know what is PPC CPI CPC SEO SEM SMS MMS and industry average especially when to stop
  • Know how to handle online crisis (and how to defuse a situation without saying sorry)
  • Know how to make it rains while not insult anyone
  • Know how marketing works (yeah, still same thing as voodoo for us)
  • Have a proven track records of successful online campaigns we can see
  • Very good English both oral and written

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Frontend Developer (45k - 80k)

  • 3-5 years experiences in websites development
  • You loved HTML and CSS and can push it to pixel perfect
  • Good UX/UI knowledge
  • Experienced in ReactJS or some other JS Frameworks
  • Know what is WebPack, NPM, and related web packages development
  • You can transform Sketch / AI file to beautiful stunning website
  • Good knowledge with Git version control system
  • Good understanding in English, if you can make joke in English, you should be fine

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PHP Programmer (WordPress) (Up to 50k)

  • 3+ years with PHP development experiences (can do both PHP7 and PHP5)
  • 2+ years with Wordpress experiences
  • Good HTML and CSS knowledges with experiences in template building from Sketch or AI
  • Basic knowledge of SEO including sitemap and etc.
  • Basic knowledge on how to manage VPS server and comfortable with Unix command
  • Good sense of designs
  • Japanese and Good English skills will be advantage
  • Good DevOps and SysOps skills will be advantage
  • Experience with AWS and GCP will be advantage
  • Able to code in other languages such as Python, Ruby, etc. will be advantage
  • Newly grad with proven track of success with a good portfolio can be applied

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Content Writer (Beauty/Fashion)

  • Female or Male aged under 30
  • Have vast experiences with fashion trends, beauty, and cosmetic
  • Able to write Thai grammatically correct
  • Know basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concept
  • Bachelor degree in Communication Arts, Arts, and related will be advantage
  • Prior experiences in copywriting, content writing, SEO rewriting will be advantage
  • Able to take a photograph or doing graphic editing will be advantage
  • Japanese Level N2 and above will be advantage
  • Able to understand English at business level will be advantage
  • Newly grad with proven track of success with a good portfolio can be applied

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iOS Developer (60k++)

  • 3 years of object-oriented software development experiences
  • 2-5 years building applications for iOS devices using Objective-C or Swift with Cocoa and other frameworks
  • Experience in designing a clean and maintainable codes.
  • Experience in multithreading programming
  • Experience in writing unit tests and testable code
  • Knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques.
  • Can use Git comfortably
  • Good understanding in English

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Data Wow

Interested candidates, please apply via the link under each positions or send an email to info@datawow.io if you have any questions. Our office location is at Glowfish Asoke, Bangkok, Thailand but will soon relocate to Metropolis Building (Prompong BTS)

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