The world is falling into chaos of complication. Technology become more powerful, connect everyone to everywhere, enabling people to do what they have never achieved before. But come along hard choices, complex application interfaces, somehow technology doesn’t make our life easier. When application can do more things, along there are more buttons to press. People of the world need helps.

We are looking for crew to join our quest for a team of Front-end heroes.

Forviz are looking for enthusiastic individual who would like to become a “hero”. One who could ease people’s lifes by solving their unnecessary hard digital-related stuff.

//What we are//
We are a bunch of crazy (enthusiastic) people who sworn to make technology more friendly to people, we honour user experience and honour the art of the code. Our goal is to use our expertise in design and application development to solve people’s problems and thus making their life more simple and ultimately more happy. Sometimes, customer call as “miracle user experience team” (I’m not even kidding).

While we are not bounded to process or framework, but we are seriously actively developing application using cutting edge technology, here are some keywords; Design Sprint, Wireframing, React, Redux, React Router, Webpack, Babel, ESlint, ES6, Lodash, etc…

//Who you are//
You want polish your skill to become one among the best
You are capable of convert design into responsive website.
You have experience event driven language such as Javascript or similar (Flash, Objective C, swift or similar)
Most importantly, as a hero… you want to use your ability to help people.

//Have what it takes to become a hero?//
Please send your resume and your portfolio to contact@forviz.com or call 02-794-3880

//Need more info?//
บริษัท ฟอร์วิซ จำกัด
5/90 ซอยศรีนครินทร์ 24 ถนนศรีนครินทร์ แขวง/เขตสวนหลวง กทม. 10250
Phone : 02–704–3880
Email: contact@forviz.com
Website : forviz.com
Facebook : facebook.com/forvizbkk

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