Written by: Stephane Cudennec, Customer Business Executive, Vietnam and Thailand, Amdocs

From sheep, contact lenses, and cars, to farming equipment and shipping containers, we’re now using sensors and signals that seemingly connect pretty much anything and everything. But at this moment, as I rub shoulders with Internet of things pioneers from companies like American Airlines, Ford, Pebble and Automate, the Internet of things is more than innovative idea or an object: it’s an actual, physical place. I’m talking about Levi’s Stadium, host to the 2015 IoT Influencer conference and the home of the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL).

So what makes this stadium so special?

Built to create a completely new user experience to surpass that of TV and online viewing with their replays and different camera angles, as well as to counter a steady decline in live attendance figures, a visit to Levi’s Stadium fully illustrates the power of connectivity: a $1.2 billion, fully-connected football experience.

Want a ticket to a game? No problem – fans can purchase paperless tickets though the impressive downloadable stadium app, which, as they arrive, directs them to parking lots where space is available. Once inside the stadium, the game experience is enhanced with on-demand replays, projected from user-controlled, multiple angles. Feeling hungry? Instead of lining up for a hot dog, fans can order food through the app, and have it delivered to their seat in about 7 minutes. Don’t want to miss a play? The app even directs you to the stadium bathroom with the shortest lines.
When the 49ers got serious about building their new stadium, they recognized that the game had now changed in terms of the experiences their fans are looking for. So the “Niners”, as they are affectionately known in the San Francisco area, responded with an exciting, intelligent and dynamic connected user experience that dramatically evolved the stadium experience for a new generation. Personally, I’m now a fan.

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