Require Skills:
 Strong proficiency in X-Code interface builder and related tools / instruments.
 Strong experience in design, development and maintenance of code, primarily written in Objective-C, Cocoa, iPhone, iPad SDK.
 Experience working as a client with RESTful and SOAP Web Services (JSON and XML) and APIs.
 Memory management, profiling and app performance analysis.
 Ability to implement / follow design and coding standards.
 Ability to learn existing project / code architecture and perform enhancements.
 Experience publishing finished application to Apple App Store for release.
 Monitor app and develop fixes / enhancements.
 Proficiency in estimation methodologies for application development.
 Familiar with social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

ติดต่อคุณปุ๊ก เบอร์โทร 085-1484549 E-mail: PENPAKHUNCHIYUWA@gmail.com เงินตามตามความสามารถค่ะ

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