This article is the translated & edited version of the same article in Thai published on 26 Feb 2015

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PrimeTime, premium movie streaming service in Thailand, launched in late February 2015.

PrimeTime core team separated from Hollywood HD, another movie streaming service, around one year ago. Now they are ready for full commercial service and aim for the title "Netflix of Thailand". The executive team are ex-Microsoft and ex-Thompson Reuters with many all-star developers.

PrimeTime's Selling points are vast movie catalog, high quality video & audio encoding, and fast movie update window (around 3 months after US theatrical release).


PrimeTime app also has many interesting features:

  • The first partner to support DTS Virtual Surround Sound 5.1 in every earphones (it's software simulated)
  • Chromecast and Apple TV supported
  • Include 4K UHD picture quality in the near future
  • Thai & English subtitle included


PrimeTime movie catalog includes hit movies from six major Hollywood film studios. Now it has more than 1,000 movies and 2,000 series episodes. The team plan to add Asia movies in the near future too.


The team behind PrimeTime said we will see hit movies like Fantastic Four or The Avenger on their service this year. At the time of writing, Disney's Big Hero 6 is available already.


The series catalog is shown in picture below. Michael Bay's Black Sails is included in the list.


PrimeTime has 4 different business models:

  • Movie Buffet Netflix-style all-you-can-watch package. The movies should be available 4 years after theatrical release.
  • Premier Movie Renting latest hit movies with 3 months release window. These movies can be watch using a-la-carte model as same as itunes Store or Google Play.
  • Electronics Sell Through (ETS) Buying the whole movie and you can download the file to your machine.
  • Series Buffet Another buffet package but for TV series.


PrimeTime starts with 4 monthly packages:

  • 199 THB/month unlimited Movie Buffet
  • 299 THB/month unlimited Series Buffet
  • 299 THB/month unlimited Movie Buffet plus 2 new movies quota
  • 399 THB/month unlimited Movie/Series Buffet plus 2 new movies quota

PrimeTime team said you will be able to buy more new movie ticket quota using in-app purchase. The price for new movie ticket is still undecided. Right now you can add 100 THB for 2 new movies, which is 50THB/movie.


You can watch PrimeTime service on these devices:

  • iOS 7+
  • Android 4.2+ (rooted devices are not supported by copyright policy)
  • Web interface using Chrome and IE11 (which support web DRM)
  • LG 2015 Smart TV (bundled service for Thailand models)
  • CTH ZIPtv set-top box

1 account can be used with maximum 3 devices but you can use only one device at a time.


PrimeTime distribution channels will cover DNA shops (DNA is one of PrimeTime investors), Banana IT, iStudio, iBeat.


I haven't tried PrimeTime yet (my phone is a rooted device) but PrimeTime is probably the best looking online video streaming in Thailand right now. The quality of movie catalog is impressive. Let see how far can they go in the next few years.

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ContributorAndroidWindowsIn Love
on 6 March 2015 - 22:38 #796966
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Good bye PrimeTime. All of my devices are rooted.

By: sukoom2001
on 7 March 2015 - 00:52 #797007 Reply to:796966
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You can using rootcloak for this.

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