Tenderhook Co. Ltd is company based out of Bangkok.

We are looking for two-three additional full-time developers to join our creative team.

Contact us at: jobs@tenderhook.net

Why apply?

  • We have a relaxed and laid back attitude (sabaai sabaai)
  • Focus on learning new skills (Friday afternoon we often have a beer and make cool stuff)
  • Great location: Bangkok, Asok (easily accessible via the BTS skytrain)
  • Flexible work hours (not everyone is an early riser and we don't like getting stuck in traffic)
  • Five day workweek (we like our weekends too)
  • Work from home (sometimes you just get more things done that way)
  • Paid holidays and sick leave (spare us the symptoms please but do tell us about your holiday)
  • Salary increases with years of experience and each year for employees (we appreciate hard work and we want you to know it)

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who pays attention to detail and likes clean code
  • Who can work in a team and doesn't mind if someone comments on their code
  • Enjoys problem solving
  • Likes to learn new skills and improve their code
  • Good understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Does this sound like you?

Please send your CV in English to: jobs@tenderhook.net

Currently we are only looking for Thai nationals.

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