Punsarn Asia Co., Ltd. is a small non-profit sharing social business focused on using technology to improve information and knowledge management and sharing, which we believe is the first step to improve learning and education. We are a research-backed team with a strong experience in digital information management. We believe in openness, sharing and for-social business. We are looking for developers who like to see their work make a good impact to our society.

Punsarn Asia is seeking Senior software developers, Java developers, Python developers, Web developers, Tester and Documenters and Information Officer to work on development of its e-publishing and online learning platform.


    Senior Developers
    3-5 years experience in Java or Python development

    Java Developers (3 positions)
    Server-side development

    Python Developers (2 positions)
    Server-side development

    Web App Developers (3 positions)
    HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

    Testers and Documenters (2 positions)
    QA, Test and manual

    Information Officer (1 position)
    Library-related technologies

For more information please visit our jobs page. Submit your application by email to jobs AT punsarn.asia

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