Qualifications :
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineer, Information Technology, or related fields - Knowledge on Object Orient Programming (eg. Java, Objective C, C#), Web Service Architecture (REST, SOAP, JSON, XML), Source Code Version (SVN, git), MVC Programming - Experience on development with Framework(eg. Cocoa Touch, Android Application Framework, RoR, CodeIgnitor) - Experience on Development by using one or more IDE(Eclipse, Netbeans, xCode 4) - Experience on Client-Server based application (REST, SOAP) - Beautiful and clean coding ! - Strong communication and teamwork skills - Good problem solving and googling skills - Good command of spoken and written in English
Not required, just a plus
- Experience on Web Development(eg. PHP, ASP.net, RoR) is a plus - Experience Location Base Service application is a plus - Knowledge on Unit Test, Application Testing is a plus - Experience in *NIX is a plus (also OSX) - Have applications in App Store, Contribution in open-source project in Google Code, Github is a plus - Knowledge about Usability/User Experience/UI design, Wireframe/Mockup design, web/graphic design is a plus A photo of my family at the lake. W: www.mgb-software.com @: wannaporn.t@mgb-software.com T : +66 (0)26 777 355 M : +66 (0)855 544 743
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