Hello tech developer candidates! Hope you are well. Onestockhome is one of the top startups that serve construction industry. We are growing at 80% rate last year and looking for a talent to join our awesome tech team.

If you want this exciting opportunity please send your resume via e-mail: team@onestockhome.com

Onesotckhome is an innovative technology company that promotes career path for talents who want to increase learning curve, gain experience, and achieve goals. Our philosophical focus is to create, implement, and measure so every staff has endless opportunity to self-develop and leave their marks not only to the company but also to the community.

Working environment:

Hot desk and flexible hours
Office right next to MRT(Silom) & BTS (Saladaeng)


  • Full-stack development for www.onestockhome.com
  • Lead sprints (great opportunity for project management experience)


  • Goal oriented and be driven by results
  • Right attitude for self development
  • Problem solving capability
  • At least 1-2 years experience

What does Onestockhome do again?

We are a platform that helps consumers find their heavy construction products such as steel, bricks, pipes, and roof tiles at competitive price at the tip of their fingers rather than spending time at different store. We also enable suppliers for this industry, where online solutions are very limited, able to reach their end consumers. With participation of stake holders, we are able to streamline the traditional cumbersome process for the future of construction industry.

Contact us: team@onestockhome.com
tell: 0850244992

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