เปิดรับ Data Scientist ทำงานให้กับบริษัท Big Data แถว MRT ศูนย์วัฒนธรรมค่ะ

- Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions.
- Mine and analyze data from company databases to drive optimization and improvement of product development, marketing techniques and business strategies.
- Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of data sources and data gathering techniques.
- Select and build features, build and optimize classifiers using machine learning techniques
- Process, clean, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis
- Use predictive modeling to analyze business hypothesis, ability to test multiple modeling techniques is a must
- Develop company A/B testing framework and test model quality.
- Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes..

Minimum qualification and skills:
- Bachelor’s Degree required; advanced degree with statistical background preferred
- At least 2 years previous work experience in a data science role
- Excellent analytical and structured problem solving skills
- Fluency in relational databases (e.g., SQL) and unstructured databases (e.g., HADOOP)
- Applied statistics experience (e.g., Logistic regressions, K-Means Clusters, BG-NBD, Uplift Models)
- Experience with analytics and/or statistics packages (e.g., R, SAS, Python)
- Exceptional troubleshooting skills and should thrive in high expectation scenario
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to present complex information in an easy-to-understand manner with clear recommendations based on data insight

เงินเดือนให้ถึง 200K ตามประสบการณ์

สนใจ สามารถสอบถามเพิ่มเติมที่ line : melissa_cotton หรือ email : suvipa@tribehired.com ค่ะ

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