SennaLabs is a web & mobile application development agency. We use Ruby on
Rails, ReactJS, and Node.js to develop web and mobile apps for our clients. Our
offices are located at the Offices at CentralWorld and we are a BOI status
company. We are looking for smart, friendly, energetic and motivated software developers,
DevOps engineers, and UI/UX designers.

- Have at least 3 years of experience in Frontend Web Development
- Have experience in ReactJS, Angular and/or Vue is a big plus
- Constantly learning and improving yourself
- Any Ruby on Rails experience is a big plus
- Able to work in a team
- Confident enough to communicate in English is a big plus

- Working with the team member on client / internal projects

- Flexible Hours
- Relaxed office atmosphere
- Awesome co-workers
- Office conveniently located at CentralWorld
- Macbook Pro or Macbook Air
- Free lunch (Monday-Thursday)
- Company outing lunch on Friday
- Provident Fund
- Training

Salary: 35,000 - 65,000 THB

Senna Labs Co.,Ltd
Khun Gig : 0623894599 or gig@sennagroup.co
Website : https://sennalabs.com

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Yada S.

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Yada S.

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Yada S.

By: Penguinov
on 13 January 2018 - 23:56 #1028469

Interesting benefits and nice location. Unfortunately, it's just not the role I'm looking for.