Cross-platform Social Mobile App

Development with Ionic Framework


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Course Description:


The objectives of this course are for participants to develop an understanding of how to design and implement applications for cross-platform mobile devices with latest Technologies namely “Ionic Framework”. By combining those technologies with innovation idea, would definitely lead to the production of creative social media/network applications to fulfill everyday business challenges.

This course also reviews the basic concepts of Simple mobile Internet communication with AJAX and how it uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as data interchanging format. All participants will also learn how to use well-defined Ionic Framework’s components and services to painlessly implement mobile application that capable to access popular social network website such as Facebook and Twitter.

Duration: 4 days


Fee :  12.900 Baht exclude VAT  or (10,900 Baht exclude VAT with your own notebook)

(Fee includes Course Material + Coffee Break and Lunch)


Instructor:  Mr. Dendej Sawarnkatat

○     ELearning Association of Thailand (ELAT) committee/instructor

○     Software Park (Thailand) Instructor

○     ACIS Professional Center Instructor


Training Date:

1, 3 - 5 August 2016



Who Should Attend:

●     CIO/IT Manager/Senior IT Delivery

●     Mobile or Social Media Solution Lead

●     Mobile or Social Media Architect / Software Developer

●     Those who would like to develop Mobile Social Media Applications for their Organization/Businesses



o   Understand of basic HTML

o   Basic Programming skills with C-like Languages ( C / C++ / C# / Java / JavaScript / Etc)



●     Understand the concept of HTML5 Application Development

●     Understand how to leverage Popular Social Media/website Services

●     Learn how to convert and package HTML5 into Mobile Application


Course Outline:


o   Day 1

o   Introduction to AngularJS

  1. Components

  2. Directives

  3. Services

o   Mobile Hybrid Framework Concepts

o   Introduction to Ionic Framework

  1. Setup and Installation

  2. Developer Tools

o   Ionic CSS Components

  1. Buttons

  2. Lists

  3. Cards

  4. Ionicons


o   Day 2

o   Ionic Directive

o   Ionic Services

o   Introduction to Apache Cordova

§  Android Development

§  iOS Development

§  Other Platforms

o   Introduction to Data Persistent with HTML5 Local Storage


o   Day 3

o   Introduction to cross-platform mobile UI with jQuery Mobile Framework

o   Introduction to Simple Mobile Internet Access with Ajax and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)


o   Day 4

o   Popular social media service API architect

o   How to connect with those popular service API with HTML5

  1. Facebook Connection

  2. Twitter Connection

  3. Etc.

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By: KeanS on 22 December 2021 - 17:49 #1235198

What a pity that I just saw the information about the course. Tell me, are you planning to hold it in the near future? Or are there other courses? I ask because my colleagues from Sloboda Studio were interested. Thank you )