Fujitsu Enhances Big Data Analytics Solution to Facilitate Decision-Making on the Front Lines of Business
Integrates QlikView data visualization product into its big data solution Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Limited today announced that QlikView, a business intelligence (BI) tool from data visualization product market leader Qlik Technologies, Inc., has been embedded into the data analysis model provided by FUJITSU Business Application Operational Data Management & Analytics, a Fujitsu solution that enables the effective use of big data. The enhanced solution is available as of today in Japan only.
QlikView offers an interface that can be operated intuitively and that requires no special ICT skills. It enables users to analyze and visualize big data through simple operations, so that people in charge of business areas such as sales or marketing can perform their own data analyses, get a better sense of how their business is doing, and make decisions more quickly.
Fujitsu will be providing training services to help companies deploy, use, and make the most of QlikView, and will also be selling QlikView as a stand-alone product. In so doing, Fujitsu will facilitate faster decision making and greater management capabilities based on concrete data.
Until now, the use of big data has largely been restricted to IT experts, data scientists, and professional analysts, but there is a growing need to use data for quick decision making among departments that are directly involved in product strategy or sales. This has put a new focus on usability in data analysis in order to make it easy for people responsible for sales and marketing to use without requiring any special ICT skills.
To meet these needs, the Fujitsu Operational Data Management & Analytics solution, announced May 13, 2014, has been embedded with QlikView, the data analysis and visualization product from Qlik Technologies, which has the leading market share of data visualization products. Fujitsu will offer this product together with its expertise in utilizing big data.
1. Integration of Operational Data Management & Analytics with QlikView
(1) Enables multifaceted analyses through simple operations
Users can perform intuitive operations to conduct multifaceted analyses from a variety of business perspectives, such as sales per store or sales per product. Combined with map views and graphs, this information can also be viewed in several easy-to-grasp formats.
(2) Rapid deployment and use
The data conversion and analytic processing needed for display on QlikView is integrated in to Operational Data Management & Analytics so as to provide an environment that is immediately usable upon deployment.
2. Practical training services to get users in front-line departments up to speed
Fujitsu offers a broad array of training services that includes everything from deployment training on how to operate QlikView to support for more sophisticated analyses and operations. Training is available in a seminar-type group format or for individuals on-site.
Phillip Beniac, Regional Vice President of Qlik Asia Pacific and Japan, said: "Qlik is delighted to partner with Fujitsu in its Big Data initiative. There is strong synergy between QlikView and Fujitsu's innovative capabilities in helping business users to easily explore and analyse Big Data. The resulting Operational Data Management & Analytics solution will help more businesses in Japan and around the world make better and faster decisions, becoming more agile and competitive. We are excited to support Fujitsu and its customers as they begin to adopt and implement QlikView and Operational Data Management & Analytics across their organizations."

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By: Niklas Lang on 13 November 2019 - 17:23 #1137132

Decision of enhancing Big Data Analytics Solution made by the Fujitsu is highly appreciable because aussiewriter.com reviews will create a lot of facilities for the front-line business. Introduction of BI would also help a lot.