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MAQE is a 30+ team of friends based in Bangkok.

We believe in being honest. We believe that happy people do great work. And most of all, we believe in doings things the right way.

We work hard to hand-craft our work inside and out and because we want to be proud of our achievements and for our clients to benefit from our passion.

Server Side Engineer

Skills we need

  • Good English verbal, written and spoken
  • Strong knowledge of PHP and MVC frameworks such as Laravel, Lumen
  • Experience with SQL, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Proficiency of HTML5/CSS, JavaScript / JQuery
  • An open mind and ability to work in a team

Nice to haves

  • Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, Route 53, Opsworks) or other cloud hosting service skills
  • Designing / developing scalable websites
  • TDD/unit tests
  • Using command line, linux, git, SSH
  • Using Node.js or other server-side environments/frameworks/languages

Client Side Engineer

Skills we need

  • Good English verbal, written and spoken
  • Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript (in the browser and/or Node.js)
  • Experience with responsive design and grid-based layouts
  • Experience with PHP, Python or Rails
  • Familiar with CSS pre-processers (LESS, SASS, etc.)
  • Familiar with front-end build tools (Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
  • An open mind and ability to work in a team

Nice to haves

  • Experience with JS frameworks such as Ember, Backbone, Express or Koa
  • Selenium tests or TDD/unit tests
  • Designing / developing scalable websites
  • Using command line, linux, git, SSH
  • Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, Route 53, Opsworks) or other cloud hosting service skills
  • SCRUM or Kanban

About you

Whatever your age, gender, or ethnicity, we know you love what you do. And that’s really what’s most important. But in addition to that, we’re also looking for the following:

  • A good fundamental understanding of programming
  • Resourcefulness and ability to take initiative
  • Creative and willing to share ideas and opinions

The successful candidate will find him or herself working as part of a small team. The focus: delivering mission-critical and high-traffic web apps.

What we offer

  • Competitive salaries (35K-80K) plus bonus scheme every 6 months
  • Senior / Lead developers and above will start on or above (THB51K+)
  • Office right next to Ploenchit BTS
  • 27” iMacs or MacBook Air/MacBook Pro 13″ + Dell 24″ Screen, Dual Fibre and VDSL Internet
  • Free drinks / snacks / fruit at work, free beer on Fridays
  • Relaxed atmosphere, little to no overtime
  • Lots of creative freedom and responsibility
  • 1 day a week remote working (after probation)
  • Provident fund
  • Flexible start dates

How to apply

Email everything to recruit@maqe.com. Please include the following information:

  • Go to maqe.github.io and do the tests there, zip them up and attach them to your email.
  • Create a 1-page cover letter. Please keep it personal. We’d like to know who you are, how you applied your skills in previous jobs and what you are like.
  • Attach a short resume/CV of no more than two (2) pages long

Note (1): Only successful candidates will be asked to come in for second test in our office.

Note (2): Dear Foreign candidates – We’re happy to hire non-Thai’s however, the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) has strict guidelines on who we can issue a work-permit for. Please ensure you have the following:

  • Relevant degree to the position you are applying for. E.g. Web Developer + Computer Science Degree
  • At least 2 years relevant experience with a degree
  • At least 5 years relevant experience without a degree or relevant degree
  • Please have proof of certificates/transcripts handy (you won’t believe the paperwork required!)
  • Patience. The foreigner application process is more art than science ;-)

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By: hr-maqe
on 30 June 2015 - 16:34 #802598
hr-maqe's picture
By: Penguinov
on 1 April 2015 - 01:23 #803639

Do you have any plan about reconsidering the previous applicant who has been applied before ?

By: hr-maqe
on 24 June 2015 - 19:06 #822184 Reply to:803639
hr-maqe's picture

Sorry, this is late. But yes, previous applicants are welcome to try again.

By: stook on 20 June 2016 - 23:21 #920636 Reply to:803639

Hello Penguin! We are Stook and wondering if you are interested in joining us? We are in an international working atmosphere with Thai, Swedish, Taiwanese Stookers. Our super office is in Ekkamai, Bangkok. Come join! or at least have a chat together! Have a great day!

By: lew
FounderJusci's WriterMEconomicsAndroid
on 14 July 2016 - 14:05 #926044 Reply to:920636
lew's picture

Sorry that I have to edit your signature but advertising in the signature isn't allowed in this site.

Also, if you have open positions, please post them in the Blognone Jobs instead of replying to other inquiries.

lewcpe.com, @public_lewcpe

By: hr-maqe
on 25 June 2015 - 15:12 #820458
hr-maqe's picture

Job post updated. Since posting we've opened remote working in the company. 1 Day a week with some strings attached for now.

We're looking for more PHP developers, so if you have an interest and willing to learn PHP please try our test at http://maqe.github.io

By: Lucifer Man
iPhoneWindows PhoneAndroidBlackberry
on 20 August 2015 - 19:11 #836236
Lucifer Man's picture

ยังรับสมัคร อยู่ใช่มั้ยครับ สำหรับ PHP Developer

Best Regards

By: hr-maqe
on 7 September 2015 - 11:55 #840760 Reply to:836236
hr-maqe's picture


By: deathx
Windows PhoneAndroidUbuntuWindows
on 8 September 2015 - 09:40 #840962
deathx's picture

ไม่เก่งอังกฤษมากครับ อยากไปฝึกภาษาด้วย จะมีโอกาสไหมครับ

By: hr-maqe
on 8 April 2016 - 16:34 #901937 Reply to:840962
hr-maqe's picture

ลูกค้าส่วนใหญ่ และพนักงานของเราเป็นต่างชาติ ไม่จำเป็นต้องเก่งภาษาอังกฤษมาก แต่อยู่ในระดับที่สื่อสารได้เข้าใจก็เพียงพอ
ลองสมัครเข้ามาดูก่อนได้ครับ ไม่มีปัญหา

By: kidjykit on 2 June 2016 - 14:30 #916729


By: kidjykit on 2 June 2016 - 14:31 #916731


By: hr-maqe
on 7 June 2016 - 19:00 #917936 Reply to:916731
hr-maqe's picture

Still open krub.

By: stook on 12 July 2016 - 16:59 #925534 Reply to:916731

Hello kidjykit, we are Stook digital experience agency.
Sorry we pop up here but we are looking for a good front end developer
having these skills:
- HTML5 markup, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive design, Javascript
- Photoshop, SVGs
- Overall interest in front-end technologies
- good eyes for design

If you are a front-end end developer, we would like to get in touch with you.

By: kmarijuana on 12 July 2016 - 09:19 #925387

ไม่มี android บ้างหรอคับ

By: hr-maqe
on 14 July 2016 - 11:35 #926000 Reply to:925387
hr-maqe's picture

Hi kmarijuana, We are looking for android, yes. Feel free to email us your resume and info at recruit@maqe.com. Cheers!

By: zhocker
iPhoneWindows PhoneAndroidUbuntu
on 14 July 2016 - 14:02 #926042
zhocker's picture

มีฝากร้านด้วย แบบนี้ก็ได้หรอ


By: oakkub on 27 September 2016 - 09:24 #942847

android ยังเปิดรับอยู่ไหมครับ

By: hr-maqe
on 12 October 2016 - 16:50 #946521 Reply to:942847
hr-maqe's picture

ตอนนี้ยังเปิดรับสมัครอยู่ค่ะ ถ้าสนใจยังไงลองส่ง CV มาที่ recruit@maqe.com นะคะ

By: hr-maqe
on 22 December 2016 - 16:08 #960489
hr-maqe's picture

We have lots of opening positions to expand our team. Come join us!

By: unnop
on 23 December 2016 - 23:08 #960825

Have you any plan for .Net Developer? :)

By: cholcool on 1 February 2017 - 16:40 #967963

สวัสดิการดีมากๆ เป็นบริษัทในฝันเลย.

By: hr-maqe
on 9 February 2017 - 20:19 #969210 Reply to:967963
hr-maqe's picture

ลองสมัครมาได้นะคะ ยังรอรับ engineers ฝีมือดีจำนวนมากอยู่ค่ะ ^ ^

By: hr-maqe
on 20 February 2017 - 11:29 #970903
hr-maqe's picture

ยังรับอยู่นะคะ :)